Early stage project development with a significant margin for growth

TNMM Iron Ore Joint Venture | NAMIBIA

The Trans Namibian Mining & Minerals (TNMM) Iron Ore joint venture (JV) is a 50/50 agreement between Katoro Gold PLC and Trans Namibian Mining & Minerals (Pty) Ltd. The JV seeks to continue the development of a mining and processing facility to export quality iron ore, with an envisaged capacity of 1.2 million metric tonnes per annum of 62+% iron (Fe) during the first four (4) years of production.

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Imweru Gold Project | Tanzania

The Company has entered into a joint venture agreement (‘JVA’) with Lake Victoria Gold (LVG’) for the further development of its Imweru Gold project, which it previously announced the disposal of in a Company RNS dated 12 June 2020. Due to administrative and statutory barriers related to the transfer of ownership at project level, as well as the issue of relevant convertible loan notes (‘CLNs’), the Company agreed to cancel the sale transaction of the project to LVG and the two entered into a joint venture (‘JV’) instead. The JVA will see LVG earn up to 80% in the Imweru Gold project with 20% held by Katoro as a carried interest.

LVG is also developing the Impel Gold project, located adjacent to Imweru, and this JVA allows for a more significant economic project that will attract suitable funding to accelerate the development and exploitation of a combined mining project.

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Haneti Project | TANZANIA

Located in central Tanzania, the Haneti project is a polymetallic system with potential for nickel (sulphide and laterite), Platinum Group Metals, copper, gold, lithium and rare earth elements. The exploration of Haneti is carried out at two priority targets, namely Mihanza Hill and Mwaka Hill. Within the vast project area, the principal target zone is an 80 km long ultramafic belt with grades from surface sampling of up to 13.6% nickel and 2.33 g/t combined platinum and palladium.

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Blyvoor Gold Joint Venture | SOUTH AFRICA

A strategic near-term gold production project in South Africa, focused on the reprocessing of an existing 1.4 million gold ounces SAMREC compliant tailings resource. Katoro has entered into a binding conditional agreement to form a 50/50 unincorporated joint venture with Blyvoor Gold Operations Pty Ltd.

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